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    How do I create what is linked? Teach me your ways!



      ^ linked example


      I work for a power 5 football program and I want to to create animated short form content like what is linked. "Gif" would be the proper term but this example is a bit different.


      If any one has any knowledge or can point me in the right direction (i.e templates, etc.) It would be GREATLY appreciated.

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          about templates - VideoHive is a good resources for that.


          about Tutorials - I wouldn't know where to start since this is a lot, maybe others could find a specific tutorial, Template that could help you.


          judging by the general question you asked - I am assuming you are new to design an animation so I would recommend just finding the right template (not a tutorial) and work with that because I am assuming you want to get this done in the near future. if you want to learn how to do this yourself you are going to have to have more than a basic understanding in Photoshop and After Effects, and that's just the technical stuff. you need to have an understanding of Design, Composition, Color, Typography - this takes years. unless you have a specific question, I believe that definitely nobody here can teach you how to do all of this from scratch in a post or 100 posts.


          I am not sure if you have the designed backgrounds ready in an open file, or you are asking what would it take to design and animate. if you need to design and animate, the workflow will probably be this:

          1. design all the frames in Ps - Cut the Elements, Composite them together, Add the text. until you have all the frames.

          2. import them to Ae. here for example the layers themselves are not moving in most of the sequence, so you could import them as a merged layer and save trouble later on (import as footage)

          3. make your animation (more on the animation part later down the post) and make a seamless loop

          4. export the file as a video

          5. import that video file to photoshop and make a Gif Animation


          let's look at this part of the sequence for example:

          we have here 3 composited layers and we see each on through a mask - when you know this is what you are going for at the design stage, you can make the layers accordingly and prepare the for animation.

          at the bottom - we got the two guys in black and white and there is a title "Came" with red color and the lettering for the players

          on top of that - a grey background with the the big letters "11 Days" and also the title "Came" with white color

          on top of that - a red background with the big letters  and also the title "Came fall 16" with white color


          when you put these on top of each other you can mask out certain and move the mask so that they will overlap the way they do in the reference. this is easily done with TrackMattes - one layer controls the mask information, while leaving the image that is being cut at a stand still. then you could add a drop shadow for the mask to get that kind of look.


          there's more going on here of course. good luck