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    "No internet connection",(Yes) no place to generate request code at install



      I am at a complete loss after 2 intense days trying to get my purchased Lightroom 6 activated/validated. Can't sign in from the app.

      Adobe is persistent in claiming I am not connected to internet. By searching the net for solutions; firewall settings, hosts file, adapter stuff - I wanted to try

      acivate/validate "off line" (which I'm not). I've installed/uninstalled Lightroom 2 times so that I'm certain I haven't missed anything and;

      there is NO instruction in the install files that gives the option of a "request code".

      So, starting up Lightroom I get prompt to sign in to my Adobe account - which then is impossible because "I am not connected".

      The serial for my purchase is neatly placed in my account - which is working as it should I gather.

      Well then; how, how can I get this app validated?


      Very in need of help/guidance and will be grateful for answers.

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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try to follow this steps.

          You best disconnect the computer from the internet to proceed with some of these steps fully.


          1. Install and launch Lightroom 6
          2. Should be prompted to sign in to activate. Choose Sign in Later.
          3. You will be asked to “Start Trial" or "License This software”, choose to license
          4. Enter a serial number.
          5. You will again be asked to sign in to activate, but the dialog will be slightly different from Step 2.
          6. Click the link that says: Having trouble connecting to the internet?
          7. You will be told that you have No Internet Connection. There will be an Offline Activation button
          8. After you click the button, you will get instructions on how to perform the offline activation. This still requires an internet connection because you have to go to a specific website, but you can do so from a different device (like a smart phone) or now reconnect the computer to the net.
          9. You will have a button to Generate Request Code.
          10. After clicking this button you will get the code that must be used on the website to generate a Response Code that will act as the activation key for the product. When the correct code is entered, the Active button will be available.


          It says Acrobat, but it stays the same for LR:

          Activate Adobe Acrobat offline without Internet

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            ninaj5549169 Level 1

            Hi McLion,


            Thank you very much!

            I'm a teacher and my motto is: everything is easy when you know how!

            Thing is that when one constantly gets prompt to connect, one tries everything possible to get connected!

            As it now turns out one should actually be disconnected!

            Thanks again, this saved my day.