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    Dsitribution for IOS

    antu4n Level 1



      I am considering to start development of mobile apps using wither the Phonegap Build or the Standalone methods, Since i will be using a windows PC for my development environment, my concern is whether i would  be able to use any of these methods to distribute my application on Apple store using any of the two methods?


      Thanking you in advance

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          VectorP Level 4

          You can build for Android, iOS and Windows with the Phonegap Build service, using any machine with a browser (and your favorite code editor + zipping tool). Any machine would be Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.


          You can also prepare the iOS distribution on a Windows machine (which means: creating certificates and mobileprovision files, and creating the publication page for the app). It is done in the browser.

          However, one step requires a Mac: upload of the .ipa file to the AppStore. So, for that single step, you need to buy, lease, rent, borrow or steal a Mac, or use one of the Mac-in-the-cloud services.

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            antu4n Level 1

            Thank you VectorP for your excellent response. Can you please advice which method is best?

            1. Build and package locally using the PhoneGap CLI (Standalone)
            2. Use PhoneGap Build cloud service for simplifying the build and app packaging process

            Thanks Friend

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              VectorP Level 4

              There is no best way. Both have advantages and disadvantages.


              Advantages local build:

              - if Phonegap Build is down again, you can still build and continue your project

              - often, new versions of platforms are available for local use first, (sometimes much) later for PGB

              - local build allows you to edit 'system files' like manifests, language files and plists beyond the level of what PGB allows

              - builds for more than just Android, iOS and Win(phone).


              Advantages PGB:

              - no installation and maintenance of java, node, phonegap, platforms/SDKs and plugins required

              - available on any client machine platform, since it's in the cloud


              Me? I prefer PGB for its ease of use. No development environment to manage.

              That said, I would like PGB staff to be a bit more communicative (for instance, the PGB Blog hasn't seen any new articles and announcements since April, although new PGB versions have been published in the meantime) and a bit faster when it comes to fixing issues.

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                antu4n Level 1

                Cheers Friend really appreciated

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                  antu4n Level 1

                  One final question VectorP if you know. Using PGB will i be able to have server side data processing? That is will be application be able to obtain data from a remote server?



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                    VectorP Level 4

                    Absolutely. That's where serious application development begins.

                    You will want to use javascript's XmlHttpRequest, or UI framework wrappers, like jQuery's ajax(), post(), get() and getJSON() methods.


                    If this is all new to you, you might want to start with a good book about "HTML5, Ajax and PHP" (or any other server side scripting language).

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                      antu4n Level 1

                      cheers friend!!!!!!!

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                        qtb000 Level 1

                        Phonegap in Windows system directly upload iOS APP to App Store tutorial, you can refer to the next


                        ios app submit to app store from windows guidelines · Appuploader/applicationloader Wiki · GitHub