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    Adobe on Windows phone using Otlook

    dareks17139926 Level 1

      Uses Office and Adobe on the Nokia 920 and it can not insert pdf documents available on the phone.

      Available option is  only through Adobe cloud.


      In Outlook can only select images from your phone !!

      Best regards


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          meenakshin83966505 Adobe Employee

          Hi dareks17139926,


          Could you please elaborate the issue you are experiencing.

          Please also let us know the dot version of Adobe application and OS you are using on your phone.




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            dareks17139926 Level 1


            Solution to the problem how attach documents to the email on your Nokia Lumia 920 with
            Windows Phone 8.1 Software Update.


            After updating phone software, only images that you can attach to the email. (Outlook or Hotmail).

            The phone at the "insert" just open the image folder.

            If you want to attach a PDF file in your phone you have to juggle to find the
            correct functioning of the command to share.

            By starting Adobe Acrobat Reader allows sharing of the document only from
            Adobe Document Cloud, not the phone, and then it will be just a link pasted in
            the email.
            (Every time you have to perform the login).


            Very complicated and not safe to recipients of the email want to click on the
            following link.



            Adobe nor Nokia has no soultion but :


            1. Open Office not email  or Adobe


            2. In places Select phone


            In the document (do not open the file! Mark)


            Where you select share ...and
            now you can choose which program document will be inserted into.


            you can only select and attach one document at a time.
            There ought to Adobe and Nokia to find a better solution!
            Hope it helped you!
            Regards Darek Stundis