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    Tables / Line break / Links to embedded documents


      Actually we are creating an eBook 3. The source is done manually in Word. In the manual are many tables included (e.g. safety instructions). Is  there a possibility to avoid arbitrary line brakes. Is it possible to keep the cells locked together?


      The second question regards behaviour of links to documents (e.g. PDF files). Is it even possible in eBook?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          Your post looks like a response to a previous post. Is it meant to be as you have started a new thread?


          In Word you can insert a hard page break but if you are linking or importing into RoboHelp, I don't think that will survive the trip. RoboHelp itself does allow you to insert hard page breaks intended to be be used so that when users print an online topic, it will break where you want it to. I don't think that can be used within a table though, just before or after.


          In your case you are then creating a different output from where it was intended to be used and I doubt it would survive that trip (RoboHelp to eBook). Also if the user than changes the font size, that would mess up your calculations.


          Good luck with this one.


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