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    Too many devices authorised


      I have been having problems with my kobo and also a mobile phone app and ended up having to uninstall and install the mobile app (Odilo library ebook platform) and ADE on my pc.  I also de-authorised and authorised ADE on and the app.  It now says that, limit of number of machines authorised reached.  It instructs me to contact support, which I have done.  I have a work email which is my main adobe id email and a back up email which is my personal email.  The work email for reasons unknown doesn't register with the Adobe ID, even though when I login to my Adobe account it is listed as the main id?  When I give my personal email support tells me that it all looks ok.  Support then tells me to go to the forum for assistance.  When I look around the forum all the answers to threads with a similar issue tell the person to contact support and have the device limit reset. 


      I have authorised ADE on my pc to synchronise with my library card number, and have told support this but they ignore that?


      Anyway, this is my first post on this issue, any help would be appreciated.