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    Saving clicks in Actions


      Hi all. I'm scanning thousands of documents, many of which come through upside down. This is intentional, as it saves a lot of time scanning the docs in that orientation because the left edges are tattered.


      To process those documents, I've created an action that rotates the file and brings up a "save as" dialog. Very helpful. I've also added the action's icon to the toolbar, so that when I open the document,


      As I'm running so many documents, though, it would be great to save a few more clicks per document. Here are the steps I'm looking to minimize:

      1. When I click the action icon I've placed in the toolbar, it readies the action to run. It would be great if it would actually run instead of my having to click "start." I know this is really nit-picky, but again, I'm doing this thousands of times. I've set it to run on open files by default. It seems like what I want to do is remove the "files to be processed" section from the action wizard so that it will just run the default (I never want to add files), but that's not an option.


      There's an option in the Acrobat preferences to disable the "action confirmation dialog" that also seems like exactly what I want, but as stated there (and confirmed by my trying anyway) that only works for actions created in earlier versions.


      2. It would be helpful if a default starting folder could be set for the save as. Each time it goes to my documents library. I would prefer to set a different starting point. (I have disabled  "Show online storage while saving files" based on advice I found in these forums, which was a big help.


      3. Is it possible to have the Action close the document once I've saved? Again, it's just a click to close it, but it would be nice to save that click.


      Thanks in advance for any help!


      In case it matters:

      I'm on a PC, using Acrobat Pro DC.


      I don't think batch processing is viable, because the upside-down docs are mixed in with those that are correctly oriented.