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    7/27/2016 - Beta - AIR

    Milind.Jha Adobe Employee (Admin)

      Welcome to the latest AIR Runtime and SDK version 23 beta!  We've been hard at work adding new features to AIR and we're looking forward to receiving feedback from our development community.

      This beta release includes new features as well as enhancements and bug fixes related to security, stability, performance, and device compatibility for AIR Runtime and SDK 23.  For full details, please see our release notes

      New and Updated Features

      The StageText clear button is now optional on iOS

      While creating StageText object on iOS, a clear button option is available by default to the AS developers.

      Beginning with AIR 23, a new feature has been introduced, which makes the StageText clear button optional. This provides more flexibility to the AS developers when using StageText. In the earlier versions, StageText object was created with an integrated clear button.

      To implement this feature, following changes are required in the ActionScript code:


      For getting access to the optional clear button support, AS developers can now use a clearButtonMode property to set different modes. There are four modes associated with this property:

      •    To show clearButton while editing: StageTextClearButtonMode.WHILE_EDITING
      •    To never show clearButton: StageTextClearButtonMode.NEVER
      •    To always show clearButton: StageTextClearButtonMode.ALWAYS
      •    To show clearButton unless editing: StageTextClearButtonMode.UNLESS_EDITING


      By default,  clearButtonMode property is set as StageTextClearButtonMode.WHILE_EDITING



      • The application must be packaged with latest AIR SDK (version 23).
      • SWF version must be 34 or later.


      Sample snippet


      You can use this example code snippet for your reference.


      public function ClearButtonMode()


      label = new StageText();

      label.clearButtonMode = StageTextClearButtonMode.NEVER;

      label.textAlign = "right";

      label.stage = stage;

      label.viewPort = new Rectangle(20, 20, 90, 90);



      Limitations for using stageText.clearButtonMode property     


      • This property is not available in StageText with multi-line  
      • This property is a No-Op for Android           

      Win: Add HiDPI support for AIR desktop (Release)


      Beginning with AIR 23, HiDPI support for AIR Desktop on Windows has been introduced. It allows you to provide a higher quality rendering for AIR content on HiDPI displays. This feature works on the concept of higher pixel density scaling instead of pixel-doubling scaling.


      Note: HiDPI is already available for AIR on Mac Retina displays.


      To implement this feature in an AIR app, the developer should set requestedDisplayResolution as high in the manifest file.

      • requestedDisplayResolution set high

      Known Issues

      • [Windows] ADL becomes unresponsive when manipulating frame tree of a new frame, before it has been installed in a frame tree (4175625)
      • [Android] softKeyboardRect height is incorrect (4085072)
      • [iOS 10] Apps are not visible on devices once installed using adt -installApp command
      • [iOS] VideoTexture on iOS - sometimes the event TEXTURE_READY isn't dispatched (4150401)
      • [iOS] Capabilities.screenDPI gives a wrong value on AIR 22 simulator (4157457)
      • [iOS] Context3D.drawToBitmapData uses wrong offset on mobile (4147414)
      • [iOS] Crash when trying to access function arguments (4117964)
      • [iOS] Landscape mode is not able to initiate the camera and the app crashes in debug mode (4168916)
      • [iOS] TextField with TextFieldType.INPUT cuts off text on the left side when focused (4009346)

      Fixed Issues

      • [Android] OpenSSL library upgraded to 1.0.2h version
      • [iOS] App using concurrency closes when a class is instantiated on the worker .swf (4067035)
      • [iOS] CameraRoll on iOS returns Bitmap in incorrect orientation (4070057)
      • [iOS] sharedobjects fail when available storage is low (3711301)
      • [iOS] [Windows] Error, ld: in section __TEXT,__text reloc 153: R_ABS reloc but no absolute symbol at target address for architecture arm64 while packaging Application with Social.ane using flag -hideAneLibSymbols yes  (4005515)

      Authoring for Flash Player 23 and AIR 23

      • Update application descriptor namespace to 23
      • SWF version should be 34

      System Requirements

      For system requirements of the current release of AIR in production, visit http://www.adobe.com/products/air/systemreqs/

      About the Beta Channel

      To get the latest Beta build of AIR Runtime and SDK visit Adobe labs

      If you would like real-time notification for announcements related to the AIR Beta Channel please follow the Flash Runtime Announcements forums by choosing "Follow this forum" from the right-hand menu on the Forums page.