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    Tabbing not moving to next focus object




      I have a series of movieclips that I need to be able to tab through. These movieclips are nested inside a movieclip named avForm.

      avForm is nested inside a movieclip named AddressVerification.

      AddressVerification is nested inside a Sprite called container.

      container is the source for a scrollPane.


      Like this:

      MovieClips < avForm < AddressVerification < container < scrollPane.


      The movieclips have FOCUS_IN and FOCUS_OUT events. They are tabEnabled = true, and given tabIndex numbers.


      I can click on any of the movieclips and they get focus and fire their FOCUS_IN event. However, if I try to tab to the next movieclip, the first one loses focus but nothing else gets focus.


      Why doesn't tabbing work?

      What am I missing?