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    Mark media as offline through API

    innerspaceouterspace Level 1

      Looking for a way to mark media as offline with the API.


      clip.changeMediaPath() doesn't look like it can - is there any other way I can mark the clip as offline before changing the media path?

      I need to use changeMediaPath because the clip will be getting replaced over time, and while the version of the clip is offline(not yet rendered), it needs to be marked as offline.




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          Bruce Bullis Adobe Employee

          The only programmatic way to do that today would be to point the path to non-existent footage; PPro would then think it was off-line.


          Perhaps you could move any not-yet-online footage into a bin named "Not ready" (or something), then move them to different parent bins as actual footage became available?

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            innerspaceouterspace Level 1

            Pointing the path to non-existent footage doesn't work, it pops up a dialog. I don't want to interrupt the user. I can't seem to suppress the dialog, either.



            In this work flow, the user will be sending off footage to be rendered async to what they're doing in Premiere(related to our discussions previously about AME monitoring - I figured out a solution for it. Not a perfect solution, but I got it working well enough to ship it)



            For the time being, I guess I don't need this - but it would be cool if there was a clip.markOffline() and clip.markOnline.