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    Moving CC Lightoom Photos to InDesign (or to assets)


      So...this may be an open-and-shut case of "you did it wrong" but I'm going to ask before I start all over again.


      I'm designing a photo book in InDesign. I'm doing it on multiple devices. Without looking into it as much as I probably should have, I uploaded a couple thousand photos to the "Photos" section of Lightoom on Creative Cloud, assuming I could get to them from InDesign. I can't, as far as I can tell. Apparently, I should have uploaded them to "Files" instead. (I think.)


      Is there a way to move them to a Library in Creative Cloud? Everything I am finding online seems to suggest that I am going to be deleting them from the Photos section and re-uploading them to a Library. That would suck, so I am trying to avoid doing that. I essentially curated them from my archives into Photos in Lightroom CC...in the cloud, not on my desktop.


      I also thought about re-downloading the originals and THEN moving then into a Library (probably syncing with the desktop app) but I haven't found a way to just download a whole collection.


      Any ideas?