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    Creating ePub from existing file

    mmppgh430 Level 1

      I have been asked to convert a professional journal to an epub. I know where to do the conversion in InDesign but the result is a mess. I tried the fixed layout option but it looks nothing like the print version. Images are on top of each other in odd places, headers and footers (not sure these are really needed for ePub) are stacked above each other. There are tables in the document which display as text, with zero formatting. I viewed it in a free reader I downloaded (Freda or similar maybe?) and tried Nook, which was worse--completely garbled.


      I'm quite sure my file is not set up properly for ePub but I don't even know where to begin to fix it. I am using InDesign 2015. Everything is a defined paragraph or text style, with some overrides for italics or bold. Each article has unique L/R headers and footers so there are multiple master pages at play. There are a handful of images and some design elements like blocks of color with reversed text. Then there are those tables.


      If you could point me to resources to properly prepare an existing file that would be great. If you know of a resource for best practices in general for ePubs--especially professional journals--that would be appreciated too.  I've been Googling for answers far too long and need some experienced advice!  Thank you!