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    Captivate 8 & Simulations with Test Questions

    NancyIFIS Level 1

      Hi Everyone.

      I've searched high and low and still connot find an answer. So I'm posting it here in hopes that a wizard can help me.


      I have Captivate 8. I took all the learning that I can and have been playing with the system.


      My question is:

      We have a financial software we use at work. Can you - in the progressive view - create a simulation of that software (for example, someone entering data to transfer funds from one account to another) and then build a test on top of that simulation. A test that could be something like, what do you put in "This field" and have the user type the question?


      The only way I know is to take a screen shot and place "shapes" over the fields and build the test that way. But my co-worker wants the simulation to launch and every so often stop to test the user and continue.


      I don't think it can do that. Can someone confirm?



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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you perform the screen capture in Captivate you can select to capture Demo as well as Assessment and Training versions of the same task. The Demo version is just showing how to perform the task as you did it.  The Assessment version can be used as a test of the user's ability to correctly perform the same actions.  The Training version also tests the user's ability but is intended more as Guided Practice where you can coach the user if they perform the action incorrectly.


          I'm not sure what you mean by 'progressive view'.  If you are confusing this with Responsive, then I would recommend you DO NOT try to create a software simulation as a responsive project.  It's not an appropriate use case.

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            Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            If you capture in 3 modes at the same time as Rod suggests, you can copy/paste slides in between projects, and you'll have exactly the same situations recorded in the 3 modes. But be aware that indeed Software simulation can be done in a responsive project (not first but last version of CP8), and there will be an automatic zoom/pan for mobile breakpoint but it still will be a lot of work to make it useful on small browser resolutions. If you focus only on tablet and desktop, that is OK but wonder if it is not just too much work, where you could have succeeded with one normal project.