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    Help relinking Chapters to Book File

    Kristine Dahms

      This is my first time working with in the Book format. I created separate Chapter and am then able to link

      them by clicking the + sign in the Book window, but when I go back to open that same document, for instance,

      the Cover, I'm getting the red ? symbol and it says it can't be found. So I click to (re)-add the document

      and I get the error message saying It's MIssing, Do I Want to Replace it With  A New One, so I say Yes,

      and then select my original book cover document and nothing happens.


      1. How can I re-link my documents to their Book File?


      2. Is this happening because after I create the page/document, I save it to a subfolder?
      For instance I have my main folder: Book 2, then within that folder I have chapter folders:

      cover, end pages, intro, dedication etc.


      Any advice much appreciated....



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          JanCE Level 1

          hmmm... aren't you using special characters like diacritics in the document names?


          or try this and don't do any other steps besides this (close inDesign and Open inDesign to start with "clean table"):

          0. make sure your documents (cover, intro, chapters...) do not have any special characters in their names.

          1. create new Book and save it to same folder as your folders with chapters and cover are (no special characters in the name of the file)

          2. add cover document from it's folder with plus button in book palette

          3. add documents - capters - from it's folder

          4. hit CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+W to close all documents if they are opened (confirm save if needed)

          5. open the menu of book pallete and choose Save book and than open it again and choose Close Book

          6. now open the newly created book - are docuemnts there? try to open some of them by doubleclicking on them in the book palette... is it working or not?



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            JanCE Level 1

            Also try in your faulty book:

            1. select missing document in book palette

            2. open book palette menu and choose Replace Document

            3. navigate to the missing document and select it

            4. Save book from book palette menu

            Is it working?