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    Why does scrolling go away?


      Another strange problem: I generated multiscreen help and put it on two servers. First server is just a storage spot for backups, and 2nd server is the one with the actual software. While the output is generated to be multiscreen, I used only the desktop layout, because we currently support the product only on desktop machines, so we don't need help for phones or tablets. The file folder structure and file names on both servers are exactly the same - I checked to see if something was missing, and everything is there on both servers.


      When I open the help on either server, using Firefox, IE, or Chrome, it works perfectly.


      When the developer opens the help on either server it works perfectly IF he uses Firefox. But if he opens the help on either server using IE, there is no scroll bar on the right side of the help interface, and the scrolling wheel on his mouse is disabled. His mouse works in every other situation with any other software. He tried a different mouse anyway just in case, and he still had the same problem. (I don't know if the helps works for him in Chrome because he doesn't have Chrome installed.)


      Both the developer and I use laptops running Windows 7. I don't know what OS the servers run.

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          Amebr Level 4

          It's unlikely to be the issue, but make sure the developer is using IE9 or above (or possibly IE10 - the help says 9, but I feel I've read somewhere that the help is wrong in this case) and also check that emulation and compatibility mode are not being used at all.


          Also post back with which version of Robohelp and which screen layout you are using as these might provide insight for people.

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            keithhtsdotcom Level 1

            We are both using IE 11. I have checked and both of us have the compatibility settings that are correct for the software.

            RoboHelp 2015

            Multiscreen profile with Desktop screen layout


            I've tried to see if I can replicate his problem by using different combinations of compatibility settings. This truth table shows my results ("Good" means the help opens and I have scrolling):


            Display intranet sites in compatibility view    Blank           Blank            Checked              Checked

            Use Microsoft compatibility lists                    Blank           Checked       Blank                   Checked

                                                                                Good           Good             No open               No open