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    Import error


      Can I uninstall lightroom 6 then reinstall it again. I've im having trouble importing my photos. I've deleted a folder   ever time I put my memory card in. I just get a message saying can't read files.

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          Tanuj Sandal Adobe Employee

          Hi martinmilko,


          Try changing the destination folder, or provide read and write permission on the folder that you are trying to import the images.

          Also try updating Lightroom 6 to the latest version 6.6.1.




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            ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

            The "cannot read files" error should really say "cannot read files from your hard drive".

            The actual problem is that the writing of the files from your card to the hard drive failed but was not reported.


            In the LR import dialog, make sure the destination folder is spelled correctly and is what you want.

            Then using Finder/Explorer, go to that folder (and its parent) and make sure you have READ and WRITE access to them.

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              martinmilko1 Level 1

              Hi ya yes I have the latest updates 6.61. I have only had LR just under a year. I found the destination folder but I can't find the read  write folder. I know it's something that I have change or deleted. LR works on my laptop but not on my iMac Seen as I have no photos on my iMac I thought uninstall LR then reinstall and start again   Thanks for your help Regards Martin

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                martinmilko1 Level 1

                Hi Maniacjoe Thank you for your advice I will try this later. But I could only find the destination folder  nothing about read or write files?? This is all new to me as I have only just started out in to the editing world. I am using LR on a iMac? Regards Martin

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                  WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                  Full info on 'Permissions' at-  Troubleshooting permissions issues in Mac OS X - Apple Support


                  How to View and Change Permissions in the Finder's Info Window

                  The Mac OS X Finder can be used to inspect and modify permissions settings for some files and folders. You can only change permissions for files and folders of which you are the owner. This can aid in troubleshooting permissions-related issues. To view and change permissions in the Info window, follow these steps:

                  1. Select a file or folder in the Finder.
                  2. From the File menu, choose Show.
                  3. Choose Privileges from the pop-up menu in the Info window.
                  4. Using the pop-up menus, change permissions settings as necessary (Figure 1).
                  5. Optional: If you are changing permissions for a folder and you want the changes to apply to enclosed folders as well, click Apply. Apply only appears when you show info for folders.

                  Note: Changes made using the Info window take effect as soon as they are made, even before closing the window.

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                    martinmilko1 Level 1

                    Hello wodertc I have tried this. I get as far as finder file. Then I look for SHOW. All I can see then is show in Enclosing folder or show view options?? and there is nothing about privilege?? I think I have deleted so much stuff and got myself in a right mess and that is why I am thinking of uninstall LR then reinstall and start again   Thanks for your time and patients. Regards Martin

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                      Tanuj Sandal Adobe Employee

                      Please let me know if uninstalling and reinstalling Lightroom helps you or not.

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                        martinmilko1 Level 1

                        Hello Tanuj. Yes it's all working fine now I am importing my photos like I was before. By uninstalling and reinstalling LR and using my activation code It is all working fine 

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                          Tanuj Sandal Adobe Employee

                          Sounds good. :-)