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    Problem with raw photo adjustments


      I took a ton of photos of a wedding.  Made changes to Lightroom, that I love, and exported the raw files to about 60% quality JPGs, with my copyright logo.  Shared them with the bride and groom (whom I am good friends with) to choose which photos they like.  From there I was going to go back and edit the raw files and export them at a very high quality.  However, I had a small computer glitch (not related to adobe).  To be safe I backed up my photos and my Lightroom catalog. I had to uninstall the Adobe programs to fix the minor issue.  Once I was completed with the repair, I reinstalled the software.  I opened back the Lightroom catalog to restore it just like I left it.  The problem I am having is that all my Raw wedding files went back to looking like they did before I applied any post processing changes.  I see the "Photo Adjustment" icon (+/-) in the lower right hand portion of all the raw photos from the wedding.  However, I am unable to make the raw photo look like it did when I exported it.  It seems like Lightroom sees that there have been adjustments made to these photos, but is unable to sync to the settings.


      Any ideas how I can get the photo adjustments to show how the raw photo looked when I exported?  I spent a week going through each photo editing and don't want to start back at square one.


      Thank you for your time,


      Jim Patterson