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    Colours dull in InDesign since upgrading to new laptop with Windows 10 and 2015.4

    andrewb38571671 Level 1

      A few months ago I moved from a laptop with Windows 7 (InDesign CC 2015.3) to a laptop with Windows 10 (InDesign CC 2015.4). On the new laptop, the colours in InDesign have looked quite dull. I'd describe it as what happens when you have the wrong transparency blend space and put something with transparency on the page and everything goes from bright to dull, but that's how it always looks. (As an aside, I tried doing this and it went even duller, so that's not what it is).


      I've played around with the blend settings (although with no transparency so it shouldn't matter) and also with different colour management settings but nothing actually changes what the colours look like on screen: no difference at all. I know it's not a system-wide setting because web pages and MS Office colours are still vibrant.


      As a test, I did a square of RGB green in Photoshop (0, 255, 0). I did the same in Word, did a screenshot of it and pasted it into Photoshop and it matched exactly. I did the green as a square in InDesign, again did a screenshot and pasted it alongside the other two and it was noticeably duller.


      To check I wasn't going mad, I went back to the old laptop and did the same thing and all three swatches match.


      I have my colour settings synchronised using Bridge.


      Does anyone have clue as to what might be going on? Was there a change from 2015.3 to 2015.4? Or could it be something in Windows 10?