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    "Master" Soundtrack & Project Settings

    MTUCK322 Level 1

      There's so much potential with Adobe Clip. Especially for what I do, that news. Thank you.


      I do have some improvement suggestions:


      "Master" Sountrack:

      My job requires to place a 15sec commercial before or after the video. Would it be possible to set the "Master" Soundtrack to start at a specific time (after the commercial), be able to pause the track when ever, have it start playing at a specific time, and end at a specific time?


      "Master" Project Settings:

      Watermark: It would be awesome to customize the watermark like you can do in Lightroom. Top Left, Top Middle, Top Right, etc...

      Also!!!!! I would be so cool to be able to add a motion graphic logo.

      For each separate project, can we have the option to place a different logo? Other than what we set as the default in the Preferences?


      Think news. What do news networks use for branding....and offer those options to youtubers, instagramers, facebookers, etc...


      I love this app! Sooooo much protential now that tablets processors and storage can handle it


      I'm working on an iPad Pro 12.7 and I love this app!