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    AE 2014 watch folder issue when collecting from AE 2015


      We are in the process of preparing final renders for our show. I had been using 2015 for a while and it seemed stable enough to use for our project. It's been working great. I should have done more research about the release of 2015 and the fact that Watch Folder support is still in progress.


      That being said, we have installed 2014 on our render nodes and launched our watch folder on them. In my tests I have determined that the watch folder will not pick up jobs collected from 2015, but will render the same job sent from 2014. I have read on other threads that this was tested by Adobe and should work. Closing and reopening projects in 2014 would really slow things down. Appreciate any assistance.


      Thanks in advance.




      Our specs:


      WINDOWS 7

      CC 2015 v13.7.1.6

      CC 2014 v13.0.0.214


      CC 2015 RCF


      After Effects 13.2v1 Render Control File







      CC 2015 Report.txt


      Report created:

        7/28/2016 11:33:23 PM



      Project name: watch2015.aep



      Source files collected to:

        M:\__watch_folder\watch2015 folder



      Source files collected: None



      Collected comps: 

        Comp 1


      Number of collected files:  0



      Size of collected files:  0 KB



      Rendering plug-ins:

        Classic 3D


      Effects used:  1