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    Urgent: How to deactivate adobe cc account in computer?


      I have some questions:


      1) If i subscribed the adobe cc plan, from my understanding, i can install the app in up to two computers, is that correct?

      2) I learn that if i wanted to install in 3rd computer, i would need to deactivate my previous two computers. May i know when it says "deactivate" means deactivate the cc apps in my computer or deactivate the adobe software that i have downloaded?

      3) If i decide to use the other two computers instead. Can i deactivate it in one of the old computer first, then only install it in my two other computer? What are the steps?

      4) How to deactivate the adobe cc in the previous old computers and install it in the new computer? Do i need to login to my old computers or i can just directly log it out from my new computer? What if my old computer is not functioning anymore? And what is the steps to deactivate?