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      I don´t find an official Instagram plug-in for Adobe Lightroom. Isn´t there any and if not, I wonder why; any risks? How then to post your photos from Lightroom to Instagram in an easy way from your MacBook?



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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          There is no official LR plug-in for Instagram.

          Instagram really wants you to upload your images using your phone.

          There is this plug-in, but I have no idea how good/bad it is.


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            Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            ManiacJoe is correct. Instagram wants their experience to be purely mobile, so unlike other social media platforms, Instagram does not support any way of uploading from a desktop or laptop even on the Instagram website itself.


            There are plug-ins like LR/Instagram. I hear that one works pretty well, but the risk is that it may stop working if Instagram blocks it at some point.


            The easiest way I've found to upload to Instagram is using Lightroom Mobile from Lightroom CC. First, on your Mac, set up a collection in Lightroom CC that's synced to Lightroom Mobile. You might want to name the collection something like "Instagram candidates". Once you do that, uploading an image to Instagram is almost as fast as a desktop plug-in:

            1. Drag an image to the synced collection. That uploads it to Lightroom Mobile.
            2. Open the Lightroom Mobile app on your phone or tablet.
            3. Select the image. Tap the Share icon, then tap Open In, then tap Copy To Instagram. The image opens in Instagram, ready for posting.

            It goes pretty quickly. I've got a demo video of the process, on Instagram:

            Lightroom CC: Desktop to Instagram…fast! 

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              Traghetto Level 1



              thousands thanks, your answer was really helpful. I managed to publish my photos in a few moments, sitting in a bus:)



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                Traghetto Level 1



                thanks, there is no use to try any plug ins. It´s so easy to share via LR mobile:)