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    Phonegap Build - Custom iOS Framework (Embedded Binaries)

    paulsummerfield Level 1

      Hi Team,


      Our one of the application uses the custom ios frameworks as a plugin. Those plugin libraries are needs to be added in xcode embedded binaries section.


      As of now I cant see any provision in phonegap which can automatically add those binaries into embedded binaries. So if I use the local phonegap cli then I have to manually add those frameworks from linked libraries to embedded libraries. Now the issue is when I use build.phonegap.com to generate the build for ios.

      PGB doesn't allow me to added the required plugins specific libraries directly into the Embedded Libraries which is causing in Library not found error.


      All I want to know is how can use PGB to put some plugins libraries into embedded binaries section of xcode. Does the paid version will provide me that customization ?