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    blocking mouse events

      is a there a simple way to "grey out" an area and block mouse events.
      I remember in Director I could put a sprite on top of the others and block all events - how do I do that in flash?
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          Level 7
          You do the same thing really. Put a movie clip over it with alpha at 0 - and
          put mouse handlers on it:

          myClip.onRollOver = function(){
          myClip.onRelease = function(){

          etc... just put empty functions for whatever events you want to block.

          Dave -
          Adobe Community Expert

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            TimSymons Level 1
            Also, to hide that you have an invisible movieclip with mouse events on it set the useHandCursor property to false. Continuing the above example...

            myClip.useHandCursor = false;

            This will keep the mouse cursor from changing to the pointing hand when you move over the hidden movieclips.

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              NodeNode Level 1
              thanks for your response. I attached the code to the movieClip.
              hmmm, not sure why this needs to be inside another handler...


              **Error** Symbol=quizAnimate, layer=Layer 5, frame=1:Line 5: Statement must appear within on/onClipEvent handler