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    Why can't I buy individual images once my 10 licences a month are used


      I have a 10 images a month subscription since I transferred from Dollar Photo Club in April 2016. Earlier this month I exceeded my 10 licences and, as expected was offered single purchases for a special discounted Dollar Photo Club price of £0.69 (just for the first year).Payment offer.png

      Unfortunately the website won't let me complete the purchase saying:

      "Payment error. There is a problem with your payment. Please try again later or contact Adobe support."Payment error.png

      I have contacted Adobe Support several times and they have not fixed the problem. 2 weeks later I am told by a call centre person:

      Please continue to wait, we know lots of our customers are having this problem.

      I have clients waiting for me to purchase images to complete their projects.

      Can anyone advise me as to what  I am to do?