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    Converting Photoshop/Imageready CS2  files to FIreworks CS$

      I recently upgraded from CS2 to CS4 (Windows). I understand that ImageReady had been dropped in CS3. I have a web site that was designed using Photoshop/ImageReady (CS2). It has plenty of rollovers. When rolling over text, the text is underlined. In ImageReady I created the rollovers by turning the layers on and off. When the slices were exported, all them (the on/off rollover graphics) were all exported at the same time. It doesn't seem like I can create rollovers like that in Fireworks. Does anyone have a solution? It seems you have to have a separate graphic to swap out. In Imageready, I copied the layer of text, underlined it, then when I created the rollovers using the web tools, I turned the layers on and off. There were no external graphics to insert or to copy and paste. I know you can create that rollover effect in Dreamweaver using css but this site has strict guidlines and I don't think I am allowed to do it that way. Any info on this matter is appreciated.