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    How to get rid of text box borders - InDesign?

    sarahc.hope Level 1


      I'm afraid I'm very new to this so may not have the correct language. I have just made a newsletter in indesign and thought the borders of the text boxes would disappear when I converted it to PDF. This isn't the case and it looks very messy. Is there a way I can get rid of them or have I done it all wrong in the first place? Thanks

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          It sounds like you might have a stroke set by default. First, open the Object Styles panel and find the object style used for text frames (it should have an icon with a T next to the name) and double-click on it to open the definition dialog. Go to the Stroke section and be sure that the color is set to None and the weight to 0.


          If it's already set that way, the stroke is an override and will need to be removed manually. Select the text frames and open the Stroke panel, then set the weight to 0.


          Finally, with noting selected, click on the stroke proxy (same proxy appears in the bottom of the Tools panel, in the Swatches panel, and in the Control panel when you have a selection tool active -- it's the little square with the missing center, solid square is the fill color) and reset the stroke color to [None].