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    HDR from a RAW file


      I have started investigating how to generate HDR from a single RAW by Increasing and decreasing EV by 1 or 2. Then I generated TIFF files. Results 3 files +0EV +1EV and -1EV, then combined in one HDR file. The result is not what I expected. Very bright.

      does someone experienced similar things? . Thanks

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          BKKDon Level 4

          Why would you want to do that? HDR is about in camera generated RAW images and combining them to get the dynamic range, you cannot increase the dynamic range with what you are doing.

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            Abambo Adobe Community Professional

            FIrst you are using calculated EV. That has absolutely no impact on picture quality and look. At the time, I did this because my software was only combining 8-bit-JPEG pictures, and this was a manner to export a higher DR then was possible in 8 bits.


            Anyhow and just for the fun, you can do that. Did you use Lightrooms HDR tool? Do you have autoadjust on?


            Please post the starting and resulting images here and the basic Develop parameters.

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              BKKDon Level 4

              Firstly I would never do what your doing because it would have no effect.


              As for auto adjust on three correctly exposed RAW files I wouldn't do it as part of the HDR process, if I wanted to do it I would do it after on the generated DNG.

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                WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                The Lightroom "Merge to HDR" function will only work with multiple images exposed differently in the camera! (eg. +2, 0, -2).

                The method of creating multiple TIFFs  from the single raw image is an 'ancient' work-around when the merge was to be done in other software.

                "Merge to HDR" in Lightroom is now the simpler choice with the benefit of a raw DNG file to develop. (But you must have the multiple images from camera with different exposures!)

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                  alejandrom51066815 Level 1

                  Thanks to allof you. This was one experiment using old tecniques to see if I can get artistic results. Your responses are correct and btw the HDR feature from LR  is very good. I normally use it with bracketing from the camera. 3 shots. I forced it to 8 shots  (for testing only) and it solved the picture. Thanks again.