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    how to make star moving from single photo

    arvyt62488061 Level 1

      so here, long ago i have template project from early day when learning AE

      but never really learning becos i still confuse with ae that time


      but i remember one of the file was

      have star in space like randomly blinking, the project file have single space photo and seems only that if i didnt forgot


      so my question (if theres such a technique)

      how to make lot star randomly blinking. from photo (space photo) ?


      thank guys!

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          guess that depends what how the star photo looks like. if you upload something would could try to figure it out. but you could do the stars your self you know. you can create a field of stars with fractal noise or CC Particle world.


          this is a neat trick with fractal noise:

          create a composition - for this example I used 720HDTV Preset

          1. create a solid layer

          2. add fractal noise effect

          3. set the parameters this way: scale - 5.0, contrast - 800, brightness - minus300

          now you got this:

          if you want this to animate gently you can add key-frames for evolution and you can even cycle the animation so it will be a seamless loop.






          if you want another approach you can also do this with CC Particle world. here's a nice tutorial:

          Adobe After Effects CS5 twinkling star tutorial - YouTube

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            arvyt62488061 Level 1

            the image less or more, maybe looks like this



            and thank for the technique

            ill try that!!

            so if i want make it looks more like space, just add nebula image for background right?

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              Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

              what I am thinking, and I have been known to be wrong, is that you have to separate the image to it's parts for it to work. meaning the stars will be CG and other parts that are not moving will be from live image or created some other way through a design app like photoshop. this way you can control the stars separately from the image. a workflow could be assembling the map your self from bits and pieces and choosing from the get go a map with less apparent stars. you could cut from here and there and through feather and blend mode seamlessly put this together as a whole. leaving just a place for the stars that you will create through a simulation effect like the post I wrote before.

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                All you need is layers and different images of stars. Because space is mostly black you can use blend modes to layer the images. You could precompose the images and use an animated fractal noise layer to make the stars blink. For example, your star image and this one from the internet:


                Could be combined like this:

                Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 8.15.28 AM.png

                In the pre-comp I just added a solid with Fractal noise and animated to evolution, then set the blend mode to overlay to get the stars to blink. The image is quite a bit larger than the comp so I animated the Z position to gradually move the layer closer to the camera.

                In the main comp I put your image below the pre-comp, made it 3D, used Levels to tone down the intensity of the stars and then animated the Z position at a much lower rate than in the pre-comp. Then the blend mode for the nested (pre-comp) was set to ADD and you have your moving star field. This is one case where you should not turn on collapse transformations because that would make the animated fractal noise effect both layers and it would look odd.


                I'm not sure blinking stars would be necessary. You could try this first with just two 3D layers of different images moving in Z space at different rates. You could even add a comp camera and animate the camera flying through the stars and get some different angles on the move. The trick is to find some images that are larger than your comp.


                Back in the day I've used just a solid layer, noise and threshold on 2 different solid layers, then animated the scale of the layers. That's basically how they did the star fields in the original Star Wars - Photoshop- Black fill, noise, threshold, two copies with slightly different settings filmed with an animation camera moving in on the images.

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