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    audio in pdf files


      I use InDesign CS6 to publish a Magazine in an Indian Language. Sometimes the Magazine carries embedded Audio. I export the InDesign Document as a pdf.

      I publish the Magazine with the help of Word PressI (I upload the Magazine pdf to their site.)

      Now I have got a peculiar problem. When I open my Magazine, by going to my website,  with the help of Internet Explorer Browser on my Desktop or Laptop, the audio embedded in the pdf plays nicely. If I open the magazine on an Ipad or Iphone or any generic Tablet or any Android device, the audio does not play at all. Now I would like to know where lies the problem.

      Is it to do with the way I export my InDesign Document to PDF? Or is it do with the way the pdf is read by my iphone or ipad? In fact, both my iphone and ipad are having acrobat Reader on them.  Can Adobe come up with a pdf making tool that is equally effective in playing Audio on all ios devices as well as Desktop or Laptop. Without this audio playing facility, my(Magazine's) readership is reducing. Are Adobe Designers/ adobe experts listening?

      Please do something.