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    Use TypeKit Webfonts offline

    ZetiSam Level 1

      I have a web-application that will run offline.


      One server and several clients in one network, no internet access. The clients are all under my control.

      I would like to use the typekit fonts to make the web-app look better.


      Normally you would define the fonts in the css, and the browser will try and find them locally. If you define some exotic font in your CSS, you can get the clients to see it by installing the .otf font files manually.


      Now I have added my fonts to typekit, and they are synced to the client machines. I then disconnected them from the internet. The fonts are still usable from word, notepad, etc....


      But it seems that browsers don't have access to these fonts? Whatever I try I cannot get the custom font to be shown in the website. What am I doing wrong here?


      There is no 'download' option on the typekit site, for me to manually install the fonts. Digging into the typekit internals to find the .otf files would probably violate the license agreement.


      Can I maybe host the webfonts myself on my server?


      So my question is:

      What is the Adobe-recommended way of handling things in this scenario?