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    Intermittent failure to call OS file-operation dialogs (Windows 7)

    John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I've been seeing this periodically, so I'm wondering if anyone else here has too...


      This has happened in both InDesign and Illustrator (95% of my work is done in those apps, so when this happens, it's always one or the other).

      I choose File > Open, or File > Save (first-time), or File > Save As... and nothing happens. No dialog is called up and displayed.

      • Happens only intermittently
      • Could be menu clicks or keyboard shortcuts (I use the keyboard shortcuts much more frequently than reaching for the mouse, so initial occurrence via key-press is more common)
      • "Quiet" save (Ctrl+S) of a previously-saved file works in all cases; the problem only occurs when display of a file-operation dialog would be normal/expected
      • Once the condition is present, it affects any/all CC apps that were running at the time of initial occurrence (but never involves other, non-Adobe CC apps), and the only way to return normal operation is to close and restart each/all
      • Since I rarely, if ever, work in a never-saved state, the problem hasn't really done major damage, but it is a serious nuisance, particularly when several/many files are open, and attempting to open an additional file is met with no response, forcing me to restart the app(s) after confirming the save-state of, then closing everything that's open


      Anyone else? Or is this another case of it's-not-you; it's-me, like this thread of mine: Windows Context Menu Key Dead in CC (2015)