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    PDF PACK features, redaction


      I have some questions to help me decide whether this PDF PACK will do what I want.

      If this topic is not appropriate for this forum, I hope someone direct me to the correct

      place to inquire about this?


      I'm using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and the pay-for Export PDF files to

      Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats.


      * is the "Export PDF files to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats" of PDF PACK

      exactly the same as the Adobe export product that I've already purchased?

      * does the the feature "Make scanned text editable with optical character recognition" retain

      line-break formatting? if not, is there a separate adobe product that does this? the export

      product seems to do a reasonable job of doing this, but then I wonder why it is included

      as a separate feature here?

      * there is no mention of redaction. there are 3rd party products to do redaction and

      they claim that it is done by actually removing the redacted text, not just covering it up.

      what adobe product is available to do true, irreversible redaction?

      * the "Turn paper or Word files into fillable PDF forms" is NOT a feature of PDF PACK.

      Can someone explain a bit about what that actually does?


      TIA, Phil