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    Exporting data into a running spreadsheet


      Our company has instituted a new policy forcing us to use a form for every purchase, and keep a control log that contains the same information on the form.

      I've created my form and played around with the various exporting to excel features but I'm not getting what I need.


      When I export to excel using the "merge datafiles into spreadsheet" it DOES export the data to the file, but it overwrites the data that was there previously.  I need to KEEP the data in the excel file and ADD to it each time I create a new form, so that I have a running list of all purchase forms created.


      It would be nice if I didn't have to SAVE the form each time, then reopen it and do the export, if there was a button on the form I could click that would just auto export all data into the spreadsheet, not overwriting again, but adding to it.


      Is this even possible?

      Any help is appreciated.

      Thank you,