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    How do I use Lightroom with Apple Photos?


      I've just purchased Lightroom CC and I'm having trouble finding my photos as I use Apple Photos app to store them all. I have a mix of iPhone photos as well as high quality JPEGs and RAW files from my Nikon. I use Photos to import everything as i use and pay for icloud so I can access all my photos on my iPhone and iPad As well as my MacBook. i also back them up automatically to Dropbox.


      I have about 2200 photos at about 28GB. Do I need to transfer them all out of Apple Photos? I'm very confused on how to proceed.



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          First, you don't want to use BOTH simultaneously, this is because the programs don't speak to one another, and so whatever you do in one program is unknown to the other program. Essentially, this would be twice the work, but not twice the benefit, and also opens the possibility of creating confusion.


          You want to pick one program and use that as your "organizing" software and also as your "editing" software. Which one you pick is up to you.


          To transfer photos from Photos to Lightroom, you would have to Export your images from Photos to some hard disk location, and then from there import them into Lightoom.