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    ColdFusion 11 license questions




      I am currently considering virtualizing our current ColdFusion 11 Standard server and would like some clarification on the licensing
      aspect. Reading the EULA it states one license allows for one virtual machine with up to two vcores/vprocs. What I’m unclear about is the GHZ restrictions.


      The 5GHz is per vcore or per virtual machine?  Is this a host restriction or can be throttled on the VM instance? For instance, can you have a single VM with 2 vcores at 3 GHz  with a single license or do they need to be throttled at 2.5GHz?


      As far as physical server if I understand correctly you define CPU not by physical processor but # of cores divided by 4.  So one standard license would cover a one physical processor with up to 4 cores or 2 CPU with up to 8 cores total?


      Please correct/clarify as needed. Thx!