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    Colors in Adobe presets are wrong



      I'm new into lightroom and RAW-editing.


      Recently I bought a Panasonic DMC-TZ101 and want to use the RAW-files for developing nice photos in lightroom. For this, I bought this piece of software and updated to 6.6.1.


      I took some test pics and compared the results between the JPEG-Camera-Output and the RAW-developments from presets like standard, automatic and so on.


      The issue: The colors are rong and not natural. Black becomes grayish, light green becomes yellow. Is there something wrong with the software or do I have to use different presets?

      I want to use the presets as easy way for developing photos. Formerly, I took pics with a EOS 70D and the results in lightroom are way better.


      I uploaded sample pics. RAW, Camera Output JPEG and LR Preset: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2jm652o28y7kcb7/AAAnCUi6fK2yHiFatIYOuMrna?dl=0


      Thank you in advance,