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    Automatically highlight phrases in document

    JoelWhy Level 1

      I am trying to do two things with PDFs on Acrobat Pro DC.


      1. I want to be able to enter a phrase (or multiple phrases, if possible) and have them all automatically highlighted throughout the document. (And, when I print the document, I want the highlight to be visible.)


      2. This is trickier, but I'll throw this out there in case there's a solution. The documents I'm doing this for are financial statements. So, one phrase I may want  highlighted could be "Deposit from Chase Bank Checking". Every time that phrase appears, it would be automatically highlighted via the above. Immediately following the phrase would be the amount of the deposit. Ideally, I'd like the program to automatically also highlight the deposit amount. But, this amount would vary each time. So, the only way I can imagine this working is if you could somehow teach Adobe to find the desired phrase, and then automatically highlight the entire line (or highlight until it finds a dollar sign followed by a number.)


      #2 is probably not going to be possible; but, if I could just get #1 to work, that would be great.


      If it helps, there was an old Action that apparently did this is Adobe X:


      Searching and Marking Multiple Words in a PDF


      But, I can't get this to work in Pro DC.