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    Premiere Elements 14 Requested Software Enhancements


      Enhancement to the Pan and Zoom tool. 


      I would really like to see the Pan and Zoom tool expanded to allow full application to ANY sized picture.  For example: In the Pan and zoom tool, a portrait shape photo will not allow the pan and zoom frames to cover the entire picture area.  Consequently, you can never complete the same type pan and zoom effects that you can on a more horizontal (say 16:9 aspect ratio) formatted photo. Prior to switching over to Adobe Premiere, I used the Pinnacle Editing software suite.  As I remember it, this was never an issue with that software.  In fact, the Pinnacle pan and zoom tool would even allow you extend the pan and zoom frames beyond a photo's edges - thereby allowing for the effect of a photo "growing" (or reducing) on the screen.


      One more suggestion -  I would also like to see some enhancement in the way Adobe treats photographs.  This idea that one must choose "scale to frame size" to force a hi-res picture to be seen in its entirety seems a bit unnecessary - assuming the software can be instructed

      to make that determination.