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    transfer drm protectet books from android mobile phone to e-reader (kobo)




      My question is:


      I want to transfer my drm-protectet books (from the library) from my cellphone directly to my e-reader (kobo) with an usb-adapter to mini usb ( I don't know the right

      name of the cable but on the one side you can put in an usb and on the other side there is an ordinary plug to connect it on the cell phone).

      I know how it works on the laptop but i don't want to start the laptop everytime when i want to transfer a borrowed book from the

      library to the e-reader. It would be much easier to transfer it from my cellphone because i have an app from the library on it.

      I've downloaded the android version of adobe digital edition but there is no function to transfer it to the e-reader like on the pc-version of the program.

      With the cable i discribed above i can transfer data files (that works) but i need an app to transfer the drm-books so i can read them on the reader (like on the laptop with the ade program).


      So know somebody an app from adobe or an other app to do that?


      I hope my description is understandable.