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    Suddenly can't install on iOS 6.1 device


      I've been successfully deploying a PhoneGap Build app to several iPod 4th Gen's on iOS 6.1 for several weeks, using an AdHoc provisioning profile.  But when I tried to recompile and deploy the same app this week, iTunes tells me "The app was not installed...because it requires a newer version of the iPod software."


      Currently Phonegap Build defaults to Phonegap CLI 6.3, which uses cordova-ios 4.2.0.  So I looked through the release notes of cordova-ios (cordova-ios/RELEASENOTES.md at debd4c69e7c08f418a02ee5671f7a87ea0511004 · apache/cordova-ios · GitHub ), and it looks like support for iOS 6 was dropped way back in cordova-ios-4.0.0, which was released in 2015.  So how was i even able to deploy to iOS 6 devices at all, up until this week?


      At any rate, I tried the following:


      • rolling back the version of phonegap-cli used by Phonegap Build ( in config.xml: <preference name="phonegap-version" value="cli-5.1.1" /> ) so that cordova-cli 3.8 is being used to compile
      • setting the minimum ios version in the ios section of config.xml : <preference name="deployment-target" value="6.1" />


      But the error message remains the same.


      Does anyone have advice on how I can deploy my app to an iOS 6 device?