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    How to smooth mask animation?

    Gilligan Edits

           I've recently been working on a short animation where I want a layer to come onto screen via mask animation. So I clicked the mask path stopwatch, skipped 10 frames ahead, changed the mask path, etc, etc,. When I was done the animation did what I wanted it to, but the mask path animation differed in speed between frames.

           Is there a way to smooth the animation? I tried multiple key frame interpolations. Like rove across time, continuous bezier. But there must be a shortcut if I know after effects.

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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          it would help to see the video so we can know what you are up against. controlling mask key-frame interpolation in Ae has always been falling short because there is no value graph just speed graph and it's less powerful. if you have problem with the speed you could go to to graph editor and try to adjust the curve. this is only temporal interpolation unfortunately.  and you also have the properly named Mask Interpolation window (used to be called Smart mask interpolation... it is still Smart)


          more information here:

          Managing and animating shape paths and masks in After Effects


          this is especially powerful when you want to make on mask deform to another and need to smooth the in between. for example a square to a circle, or one letter to another. this is one advantage masks have over shapes that unfortunately don't have this interface, but do have other powerful tools.


          if you provide a screen shot or video, we could help give you the proper technique for the job.

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            Gilligan Edits Level 1

            Here is the link to the video project

            test.mov - Google Drive

            its a short clip but you can see the mask animation isn't very smooth.

            I checked out the mask interpolation but it didnt seem to do anything right, that's obviously because i never used it before. is this enough?

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              Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

              I see. this is not a job for mask interpolation or key-frames interpolation but for a revealing effect.  you have two effects that can reveal based on a path: Stroke effects and Write-On Effect. you draw the path on top of the shape, in the direction you want it to reveal. for the F we will draw 3 lines like this

              and we will animate the stroke according to the path and set the timing so that it will reveal this way:


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                Gilligan Edits Level 1

                aha, that way looks a lot easier then the way I have been doing it thank you for taking the time to create your own example