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    printed email redacting info


      I printed an email to PDF and the resulting document looks fine in Adobe but when I print it to my local printer it comes out with the From:, Sent: and Cc: values redacted.


      I can see the To: value and the Subject line as well as the rest of the email.


      When I print the same document to a network printer it does not redact the values (the network printers use Postscript drivers)


      When I go to another computer with the same model printer and driver the document once again redacts the information.


      I tried recreating the PDF (by again printing it to PDF) and the resulting document exhibits the same behavior.


      I can get it to print by selecting print as image but the concern here is that other emails will behave similarly and the omissions may go unnoticed. This would be particularly bad if the print out was submitted to the court without anyone noticing that this key information was missing from the print out.


      I have tried doing the same process on the computer on various emails and some of the resulting PDFs will print normally while others will once again redact information. So far it only appears to redact information for email address from my domain and only when there is a single email address from my domain in the redacted field.


      I am using Adobe Acrobat XI on Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit. The printer in question is a HP LaserJet P1102w using the basic driver from HPs website. The issue does not present on our network printers which are hosted on a Windows Server 2012 using full featured Postscript drivers (they are all newer Konica series color copiers).