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    File path

      Hi, everybody!
      Can somebody explain, is there any chance of getting file path working with FileReferenceList?
      This is the code:

      var listener bject = new Object();
      listener.onSelect = function(fileRefList:FileReferenceList) {
      var arr:Array = fileRefList.fileList;
      for(var i:Number = 0; i < arr.length; i++) {
      trace("name: " + arr .name);
      I copied this code from Flash8 Documentation.
      I can get here only file name.
      Any different solution is also very acceptable.
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          I have the same problem i tried looking at the filereference interface file no clues there ill be keeping an eye out for a solution the only one i could think of was returning the values from php by saving them to a database when the fileis uploaded but this just isnt as good because its not fully local