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    Bad Flash 8?


      My Post should not be understood as critic. Because I think I can imagine, how difficult it must be to develop a software such as Flash.
      My Post should rather be understood as suggestion to make things better. And as a developer working since many years with the program I think I know best, what makes my life easier or more difficult.
      So, sometimes I would like to post some issues hoping, that someone from Adobe picks up the idea or in the hope, that other developers agree with me, so I must not feel, I am the only one, getting angry sometimes.
      I feel, changes should improve the program, but also should improve the conditions for the people, they must work with the program. If changes have no sense, just leave it as it is.

      For example:
      The Help file has been changed.
      BEFORE it was very convenient, to drag a Library item from one Flash file to the other open Library. You could have 2 Library windows open at the same time, placed side by side, so you could see, if one contains the item and the other not - if not - just drag it.
      NOW – this is not possible anymore. Why? – sense?

      BEFORE – I like to have the Help file open while working, but only in small width size at the right side of the screen. If I read example code, the code was easy to read, even the Help window was minimized.
      NOW – code is placed in a Text field with as scrollbar. It is more difficult to read and to copy as before - sense? And by the way, what sense makes it, to highlight the search word in yellow 20 times within the text?


      FIND or FIND and REPLACE
      Imagine, you have a code of 10000 lines in it and you want to search for one particular word. You open FIND. When it has found the word you must close the search display if you want to change and open it again, to see, where is the next place of the same searched word. If the search word is 50 times in the code, you will have to open and close the search form 50 times. You may say, use Find and Replace instead, but this is not always wanted, because you don’t want to change the search word everywhere, only at same few locations. I fyou don't want to change, you will have to close the FIND and REPLACE as well. I want to change WHILE the FIND display is open, so I don't need to close and open it 50 times. A NEXT and a CLOSE button in FIND would make the life easier. You just close the form when not longer needed.

      - this is not a big thing, but when you have a large amount of code in the window, you don’t want to use the Up or Down buttons to move to line 1000. You will use the Drag bar. Now, from line 1000 you want to move to line 1200 – you will use the Drag bar. But with 10000 lines of code, this Drag bar is very tiny – difficult to hit each time you want to move – just a little bit bigger would be much more convenient.

      Excellent job with few shadows.
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          luciewong Level 1
          ... and, while I was writing, I nearly forgot the big issue
          The PUBLISH performance.

          I just hope, that people are working on this item, because it is very frustrating.
          With large amount of code, it takes ages. But not only the time is the problem.
          If PUBLISH has finished, other open programs, specific IE Browser need to be refreshed, otherwise they work and react very, very slowly.
          I work on 2 machines at the same time. One has 120 GB hard drive, the other only 40.
          I can only publish on the small computer, publishing is much, much faster, even it takes several minutes. So why is that and can there anything improved?