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    OAM file in Muse no longer compatible with Iphone & Ipad?


      I've been using Edge Animate to make animations and place in Muse websites. Recently updated to the new version of Animate.


      I make an animation in Animate.

      Place in to Muse

      Upload to server, this is what I get: Home

      View this site in iPhone or IPad, you get Flash error message. Not compatible.


      Place an OAM file of an animation made with previous version of Edge Animate:

      OAM file from pervious version of Edge Animate, view here:: Home

      Works great in IPhone and IPad


      Ok, so what's going on. OAM files are no longer cross-browser compatible, just like a swf file.


      And now I can never get my old version of Edge Animate back. I can not do what I've done before, anymore?


      I can export WebGL from Animate, but I can't get that in to Muse.


      I updated my version  of Animate only to realize it has taken away my ability to get animation in to Muse.


      Attention Adobe: First do no harm.


      Can anyone help.