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    Weird catalog issues - folder sync


      Hello guys,

      I have a weird issue for which I don't have an immediate explanation.    While I wanted to add missing images into a folder, I noticed that the sync option is behaving weird.   Exploring the issue, I found out that for each folder that I would "sync" it would remove ALL the pictures in that folder, and re-add them - obviously getting rid of all the changes I've done to them.   Good I didn't click the actual sync button yet.


      Here's a screenshot:

      Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 10.59.59.png


      Now this is happening for EVERY single folder in my library, which makes it an issue for the actual folders where I do want to import images.


      Did anyone experience this before?   Or has any idea on what may have caused this?

      I'm running latest release (CC 2015.6.1).


      Thanks a lot for the help already,