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      can I create a button with a link on my director file that goes to a quicktime installer included on the disk? thanks.
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          also, if the name of my disc is hawi, and the QuickTimeInstaller.exe is a folder named "quicktime installer", is thier a url I can ad to the button, and if so what is the URL? Thanks
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            The name of the CD will always be the first item the the moviePath. So
            if you place your Director movie at the root of your CD then the
            moviePath will be the same as the disk's name. If you place the qt
            installer at the root level of your CD then it's path will be the same
            as your movie. To open that installer on Windows you just need:

            open "QuickTimeInstaller.exe"

            because the installer is in the same folder as your movie. If you place
            your installer in a folder, then the command would be:

            open "folder name\QuickTimeInstaller.exe"

            It's location is still relative to the movie. If you do something
            unusual, like placing your Director movies in a folder and then placing
            the QT installer in a different folder on the CD, then you have a more
            complicated path. If that's the case, then you can find the root of the
            CD by getting the first item in the moviePath property.

            global pathDelimiter

            on getRoot
            pathDelimiter = the moviePath.char[the moviePath.char.count]
            CDRoot = the moviePath.item[1] & pathDelimiter
            return CDRoot

            This function will return the name of the CD on either platform.

            Since you placed the QT installer in a folder and named it,you'll know
            the name of the folder. So the full path to the installer for Windows
            will be:

            open CDRoot() & "folder name" & pathDelimiter & "QuickTimeInstaller.exe"

            This will only work for the windows version. The Mac version requires
            that you specify the installer app's path also. Fortunately, Mac OS X
            knows the path. So the Mac version would look like this:

            open CDRoot() & "folder name" & pathDelimiter & "QuickTime.pkg" with

            Rob Dillon
            Adobe Community Expert