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    "Not connected", can't communicate with Adobe servers



      I have been able to activate LR6 with help from this forum.

      The issue of "not connected" - "Server is not found" persists. I am unable to update, not through LR Help, not through any direct link.

      I am on Win 10 and I suspect that can be a problem?

      I've been searching for solutions for quite some time. Some point to adapters in "Network and Sharing center" (Control Panel) for a certain (mini-)

      adapter and disable it, but that adapter is not to be found in Win 10, only up till 8.1.

      I have tried most advices given by Adobe regarding connection issues but no luck.

      My LR seems to be stuck at 6.0.

      I use Norton Internet Security and have of course allowed LR to connect in "program rules".

      Any ideas?