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    Am I losing my mind? Zapf Dingbats Question...

    shannonmcnamara Level 1

      Ok, so I will admit, it's been awhile since I've had to use Zapf Dingbats. I couldn't remember how to make the heart with Zapf Dingbats font. So I found online http://sig-press.com/PDFs/MacDingbatCharts.pdf and went into InDesign and tried Opt + 2 and got the infamous box with a pink background... ok, so I tried a different Mac (my trashcan, was originally trying on my MacBook Pro.) Still same thing. So I made sure the font was on Zapf Dingbats and copied the heart from the PDF. It's fine... but what am I doing wrong... please tell me it's my keyboard error and I'm not losing my marbles (it's been that type of a week!)

      Here is a screenshot:

      Screenshot 2016-07-30 08.05.41.png

      Has anyone else run into this problem? Meanwhile, I went into Photoshop and I can't change the font to Zapf Dingbats AT ALL. It just defaults back to Minion Pro (my default font)... so... is it my version of the font? On the trashcan it's the version that came with it, same with my MacBook. Both are running El Capitan OS and CC 2015.5 Ps and CC2015 Id.



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I think the days of using keyboard shortcuts to insert most dingbats are long gone (the bullet being the exception that I know still works). Today's Zapf Dingbats font, at least the "real" one and not the Mac system .dfont version which is known to be trouble and is not recommended for use in a professional publishing environment, is an OpenType font. Best bet is to use the Glyphs panel to insert the character.

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            shannonmcnamara Level 1

            Ok, like I said... it's been AWHILE haha! I went into the Glyphs originally and realized that not all the characters are under fonts you would think they'd be under (Helvetica, Times New Roman, etc.). To find that heart I had to use a very random font in the Glyphs, same with the Star and this was after loading the "show emoji and symbols" character icon through System Preferences to even find them.

            Basically long story short, I'm teaching a very basic intro to InDesign class and my students need to use a heart and star for their assignment this week. I thought using Zapf Dingbats might be a simpler option for them, (then this random problem I never encountered before occurred). So to not discourage them, I wanted to find a simplest of simple solutions, not a load this bananacakes font and then use the Glyph panel for it.


            Ahhh to long for a simpler dingbats day! I'm just going to allow them to copy and paste from the PDF, they are basically stuck with whatever fonts are loaded on their machine.